What You Need to Know Before You Travel to Bhutan

If you are planning to Travel to Bhutan, here’s what you need aware of before travelling.

Why Should You Visit/travel to Bhutan?

Bhutan is counted as the most non-violent and beautiful places in the world. Even though Bhutan is a neighbouring country of India, in terms of lifestyle and weather, it is the complete opposite.

Bhutanese people are the warmest, most caring people you will ever meet, and they will always welcome you with a smile.

Bhutan is a safe and happy country surrounded by magnificent mountains, which is everything you need to hear.

People in this region respect convenience and will not swap it for anything.

They may not be interested in the latest technological developments, but they certainly know how to welcome visitors to their beautiful country.

Which currency is used in Bhutan?

Ngultrum is used by Bhutanese people as their currency.

They accept Indian currency as well, but only in denominations of 5, 10, 20, and even a hundred rupees; 500 and 2000 rupee notes are not allowed in Bhutan.

When Is The Right Time To Fly To Bhutan?

Winter, from October to December, is the perfect time and season to visit.

The weather is cool but friendly, and you can feel energised during the day. Try to avoid travelling to Bhutan in the monsoon season, as in the rainy season. Your journey can get a little messy.

What should you bring with you on your Bhutan Trip?

  • If you’re considering a trip to Bhutan, you’ll need a few things.
  • A light windcheater, a scarf, a sweatshirt, a shawl, a pashmina, or even a shawl.
  • You won’t need layers upon layers of clothing here, so I’m sure you’ll be perfect with only one sweater.
  • Wear casual shoes; heels should be avoided. Flats and boots would fit well.
  • If it’s pouring, carry an umbrella.
  • Winter in Bhutan is bitterly cold, so put as many woollens as you can.
  • Bring your Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Visa, and Pan card as proof of identity; you may be asked for them while entering Bhutan and at the immigration office.
  • Remember to bring moisturiser creams with you to protect your face from drying out.
  • Carry all of your drugs with you, and it would be impossible to find the type that you like.

Which Places To Visit In Bhutan?

The tourist attractions of Paro are:

Thimphu – Thimphu – Thimphu is Bhutan’s capital and is perhaps the most peaceful place in the world. The town is full of holy sites, huge monasteries, and the world’s most prominent Buddha idol, which stands more than 50 metres tall. The location will provide you with an appreciation of Bhutanese customs and culture.

Paro – When you arrive at Paro International Airport, the first thing you see is Paro. Paro Taktsang, a temple on the outskirts of Paro Valley, is a must-see attraction in this area.

Punakha – Mo Chuu, where you can go river rafting and other activities, is a must-see in Punakha. Punakha Dzong, which is situated on the edge of a river and has stunning architecture, is the next best place to visit. It is also Bhutan’s second-oldest structure.

What Is Bhutan’s Most Popular Food?

Bhutanese people, surprisingly, enjoy spicy cuisine. You’ll find a faint flavour of red/green chilly in about every dish. There are few most popular dishes which you should try when you visit Bhutan

  • Ema Datshi (chillies and cheese)
  • Jasha Maroo or Maru (Spicy Chicken Curry)
  • Phaksha Paa (Pork with Red Chilies)
  • Momos (Dumplings)
  • Jaju Soup (Traditional Bhutanese Soup)
  • Zow Shungo (Rice Dish)
  • Shakam Shukam Datshi (Dried beef with dried chillies)
  • Puta (Buckwheat Noodles)
  • Hoentay (Fried Momos)
  • Goen Hogey (cucumbers salad)

How to go to Bhutan?

Bhutan is a country with no railway systems. Only flights and driving are the two main transportation way in Bhutan.

To reach Bhutan by road, there are only three land borders are open for tourists:

  1. Phuentsholing, which is six hours far from Thimphu
  2. Gelephu, which is ten hours far from Thimphu, and
  3. Samdrup Jonghkhar, which is three days far from Thimphu.

Two airlines such as Bhutan Airlines and Drukair, are available for tourist to reach Paro, Bhutan, by air.

What is Time Zone in Bhutan?

Bhutan is Thirty minutes forward as compared to the Indian time zone.

It is advisable to include a second clock in your android phone or synchronise your hand watch accordingly to keep correct tracking of time.

What is the Culture of Bhutan?

Bhutan’s main religion is Buddhism. This country is filled with lots of monks and monasteries.

Where to stay in Bhutan?

Visitor can find many options for their stay in Bhutan depends on their demand and need.

The hotels and resort in Bhutan are very well maintained, comfortable, and are tourist-friendly.

Here is the few Hotels option which you can try while your visit to Bhutan.

  1. Phuentsholing’s Park Hotel is nearer to the office of immigration which makes it easy for the visitor to travel to and from to get their permit. This hotel is a very comfortable and cosy stay option for the visitor.
  2. Hotel Ariya in Thimphu is an excellent four-star hotel with comfort and luxuries. This hotel suite room is having a seating area, dining area, bedroom and study room together having the latest facility provided in the bathroom. This hotel is located nearer to the city market and due to that, it is very easy for a visitor to go to the market.
  3. Tashi Namgay in Paro is a very beautiful resort in Bhutan.
  4. Base Camp and White Tara resort are three-star resort; They became the best place to stay for less money because they were spacious, tidy, and very close to the city market.

If you are planning for a low-cost trip or want to spend a long vacation in Bhutan, it has a plethora of homestay choices that include food as well as a welcoming atmosphere.

Bhutan People Timing

Bhutanese people follow early to sleep and early to wake up, and due to that, most shops and hotels get shut down by 10 PM.

If you want to eat in a restaurant in Bhutan, it is recommended that you reserve a table and put your order ahead of time.

Dry Day in Bhutan

Although drinking isn’t considered taboo in this country, and one can find a pub and bar in almost any town, but Tuesdays are considered the dry days throughout Bhutan.

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