Many a time, the environment with which the human lives is not favorable to him, so he devises a means to make sure that such an environment meets the comfort of his body and soul, so he devised a means that is he creates materials, equipment, tools and so much more to make sure he is comfortable. Humans don’t joke with comfort, because it is in that state that the human race is more productive when there is pressure here and there and the man is not living in a favorable weather condition and environment, he will be frustrated, depressed, and distracted, such that he will not be focused and that would cause the products to reduce in quality and quantity. Air cooler vs Air conditioner, as there may be a lot of similarities to them, there are also differences, and there are advantages and disadvantages. 

On some occasions, Air cooler vs Air conditioner, one would be preferred to another because of the environment with which they fall, and so it would be unwise to choose that which would not function well in that environment, because like that which will function well in that space might not cost too much or give a lot of problems, the other would give problem and even the cost of the maintenance in such environment would be expensive, making it unbearable again. So, in this case, a lot of resources would have been wasted if the preferred equipment was not used. So in this case, it is wise to go for the better option, that is the one that would be applicable or best used in that particular environment. 

There is a lot of reason that proves or declares the fact that one would be better used in an environment over the other, and such factors must be seen and checked before it is chosen.

So, Air cooler vs Air conditioner works similarly, and what they do is that they produce cold air, to supply or give to an environment with hot air, to bring comfort to men. So, in this case, their effectiveness and how they are preferred will vary in a particular environment. They are important tools as they are produced to give man the kind of comfort they deserve and that which gives them the life and joy to be more productive. These tools are used in banks, companies, homes, supermarkets, and so on. This equipment is important in daily human living.

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Jarvis Abbott