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There is a lot that can be said about gold. First, it is valued for its intrinsic value and its beauty. Gold bullion is regarded as a safe haven investment. In times of economic turmoil and uncertainty gold bullion is the best investment.

Gold is extremely hard to find. Most of the gold that is on earth has been found. So far, gold has been found in seven continents in the world. However, some of the gold that is on earth cannot not be mined. There is a lot of gold that is still in the ocean but cannot be extracted because the technology to do so is unavailable. It is estimated that about 25 000 tons of this precious metals lies in the ocean.

Gold is believed to have been created by asteroids falling to earth millions of years ago. 

We live in the age of technology. Its evolution has made it easier to do the things we never would have imagined we can do but one thing technology has not been able to do is create gold. 

Scientists believe that since gold is “other worldly” it can be found on other planets like Venus and Mars.  

Gold coins have been used as currency as early as 700BC. Evidence of this has been found in Turkey which was called Lydia in 700BC. Most of it was found in rivers. The gold was found in the rivers in that region. King Croesus produced the first pure gold coin in 700 BC. However, pure gold is soft and easy to damage which is why it is alloyed with other metals to make it more durable. These days, pure gold is mainly used to mint bullion coins and bars. Mints sell gold bullion bars to investors who normally are just ordinary people with a particular interest in the yellow metal either for its investment value or for its beauty. 

More than 187000 tons of gold has been extracted from the earth. That is almost two-thirds of what is believed to be available. About 57,000 tons of gold has yet to be mined. The problem is, some of this gold is located in very hard to reach places. New mining technology is being created to help mine gold in the hardest places. To get more gold we need to dig deeper and that is very expensive. The good thing about gold is that it is recyclable. This means that new gold products can be made from old or used gold. 

You can sell any type of gold and get good money for it. If you have old jewellery you no longer use, you can approach a couple of gold buyers Melbourne for the best price you can get for your gold jewellery. However, since most jewellery is made of alloyed gold, it’s purity is low. Gold buyers pay for the gold content and don’t really consider the state the jewellery is in. Gold bullion is generally the purest gold product there is and buyers will pay a premium price for it. 

Besides gold jewellery and gold bullion, gold buyers Melbourne will also buy scrap gold. This is gold that is dented, scratched or have some other damage. Again, buyers will make an offer based on the gold content.


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