Is it Worth Perfecting the Glass Skin?

Bee venom. Snail mucin. Sheet masks. If you’re familiar with these beauty products, you are probably familiar with glass skin. And perhaps it is even your goal, which is why you use the products mentioned. Glass skin is the goal when you want skin that looks hydrated and healthy. You don’t want any blemishes or discoloration, and you definitely don’t want dry, flaky skin.

But what does the pursuit of glass skin mean, exactly?

The discovery of revolutionary beauty products

Korean skincare is known for products that may seem out-of-this-world at first, but when you look at their ingredients, you will understand how they help the skin repair damage and retain moisture. There is also a very small chance of allergic reactions, making products such as Korean sheet masks and snail mucin essences popular the world over.

The mere interest in these products means you are opening yourself to new things, and new beauty practices that you may not have been familiar with beforehand. These are, at the very least, eye-openers.

The care for the self

More than being eye-openers for beauty cultures other than your own, glass skin also helps you put your self above all else. It’s a laborious, time-consuming feat to achieve, but when you do, you regain your confidence in yourself. Even the hours devoted to skincare for the pursuit of glass skin are also hours you dedicate for yourself, and for habits that benefit you in the long run rather than giving you temporary happiness and a long-term health problem.

Think of the hours of sleep you are getting when you observe the golden hours of beauty rest. The hydration your body gets from your healthier diet and the sheet masks loaded with nutrients and minerals. Glass skin may be an aesthetic concept, but the process of getting it gives you time to proritize yourself.

Finding a careful balance

As with everything else, working towards having glass skin can be detrimental to your life if you are taking a wasteful or thoughtless approach. With the number of products that promise to give you glass skin, and some of them being way too expensive, you might be going beyond your budget for beauty products if you’re not careful. Similarly, if you are not able to use your time productively while you go through your glass skin steps, that means you have significantly less time to finish the more important tasks each day. At the end of the day, you may have the perfect skin, but your life could be falling apart in every other aspect. In this case, the pursuit of beauty has become the mindless use of time. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case if you’re able to multitask or squeeze in educational lessons while you are doing your skincare routine.

Glass skin can be the confidence boost that you need, but take care that it doesn’t become the most important part of your life. Like everything else related to beauty, it is only meant to enhance your talent, skills, and personality when you present yourself to the world.

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Clare Louise