Sampling the Best Foods That Milwaukee Has to Offer

Milwaukee and good food go hand in hand! From incredible classic American fare to the best Asian food you’ll find in the midwest, there’s always something delicious that will keep you surprised.  

These are the best restaurants in Milwaukee and the food that sets them apart,

1. Momo Mee Asian Cuisine

Tucked away on eastern Greenfield Avenue is the best East Asian eatery in the entire state. Momo Mee Asian Cuisine offers a mix of a few different cultures, marrying the flavors perfectly and elevating them into a comfort food that anyone can enjoy and recognize immediately.  

Best known for its incredible service and fast food preparation, customers can’t stop raving about the great balance between affordable and delicious while making them want to try dozens of new things every time. 

2. Swingin’ Door Exchange

If you love the imagery of the Old West, you’ll love Swingin’ Door Exchange! This old-school eatery offers saloon decor, American comfort food, and delicious cocktails. Keeping prices low and flavor high, the fries here are rated the best in the city, and the tuna melt has been a smash hit for locals and tourists alike!

The best part of this restaurant is the massive portion sizes! If you love your meal, you’ll be lucky enough to have enough to take home for a second meal later.

3. AJ Bombers

The incredible thing about AJ Bombers is they can offer you a simple cheeseburger, and the flavor is good enough to make anyone want to start hunting for Milwaukee houses for sale. This kitschy and down to Earth restaurant gives you a chance to take it easy and not overthink your food. The flavors are complex and absolutely delicious, so every bite is perfect.

Guests also say to try the fried pickles, cheese curds, and burgers! 

4. Mader’s Restaurant

If you’re willing to spend a little more, Mader’s Restaurant can be a great choice! Mixing German food with Bavarian decor and fun dressed-up employees, you’ll feel like you walked into a theme park from the moment you arrive!

The televisions play multiple games, depending on what’s on that night, but the real star is the food! The smoked salmon is incredibly popular, and apple strudel has many fans of this restaurant coming back time and time again.

5. Three Brothers

When you’re ready to sit back and chat with friends and family in a vintage storefront, it’s time to stop and check out the Serbian restaurant Three Brothers! This low-key restaurant offers dozens of options, even some gluten or egg free while combining American tastes with the incredible flavor of Serbian food.

This restaurant is the most expensive on this menu, despite the dishes being some of the best in the city. If you want a quick lunch and don’t mind falling in love with a new restaurant, it’s time to check out Three Brothers

Milwaukee Knows Fantastic Food

Comfort food is something Milwaukee has perfected and reproduced time and time again. If you want good comfort food and aren’t sure where to turn, consider some of these eateries! 

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Jarvis Abbott