Romantic Movie that has Suspense and is Unpredictable

The Telugu film industry is taking giant strides towards competing with extravagant Hollywood films. The technical brilliance and use of advanced VFX and computer graphics have already started to draw it further and further ahead of other film industries in India. Add to this, its ability to produce movies dubbed in several languages helps it cater to Telugu audiences around the world and domestic and international viewers.

Sadly, even the Telugu film industry, with all the endless entertainment it provides, could not stay unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The shutting down of theatres and the lack of audiences proved to be a major setback to the once-thriving industry.

Thanks to the OTT platform, though, the industry has found a savior. With their broad reach and popularity, OTT platforms have been more than willing to pay a premium price for Telugu movie productions. It has helped the industry recuperate its losses and stand on its feet once again.

Aha, an OTT platform available on mobile, Smart TV, and other streaming devices, offers on-demand online video streaming services. It caters exclusively to the Telugu audience. A vast collection of Telugu cinema’s best and excellent ad-free content streaming services allow subscribers to watch their favorite shows and Telugumovies online without getting interrupted.

To provide its viewers with authentic and detailed movie reviews, Aha brings the review for the latest Telugu film, Dirty Hari.

Dirty Hari – Storyline

Hari (Shravan Reddy) lands in Hyderabad with a zeal to make it big in life and soon starts working for a club. A chance meeting with Aakash, a wealthy businessman, and his cousin Vasudha (Ruhani Sharma) changes his life as he falls in love with Vasudha. However, a dangerous relationship soon begins when Hari gets attracted to Aakash’s girlfriend, Jasmine (Simrat Kaur). The twist in the tale comes when Hari gets married to Vasudha, and Jasmine breaks up with Aakash.

Shravan Reddy plays the role of an ambitious and lecherous person perfectly. Ruhani Sharma is decent in her role as a dutiful wife. Surekha Vani and AppajiAmbarisha, playing Ruhani’s parents, succeed in putting in notable performances. Simrat Kaur is the surprise package, with her bold love-making scenes and use of swear words.

The photography is worth noting, and the music is impressive. The director, MS Raju, succeeds in connecting with the younger generation with all the bold scenes portrayed in the movie.

All in all, Dirty Hari is a romantic movie that has suspense and is unpredictable.

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Gonzalo Bayer