Do You Want to Ship Your Car Through Vehicle Shipping Service?

If you have got a new job in another city or country then often you need to move with all your baggage. However, driving your own car to your new place may often be not a wise option.

Also, in many cases, you may be holidaying during the winters in Florida. It will be more convenient to fly there, however, if you also want to carry your car then driving on your own cannot be an option.

In all such cases, it will make sense to hire an auto transport service for hauling your car to your new destination city.

If you are looking for any transport company, then either you can work through a certain broker like Ship a Car, Inc. who can offer top California vehicle shipping service, or hire directly any transport company.

According to people who have experienced both kinds of service, all types of services will offer advantages, but neither can guarantee you a perfect experience. Therefore, you must research to find a company that will strive to offer an outstanding service.

What kind of services are offered by auto transport companies?

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Usually, you can have your choice based on what sort of carrier, what is their timeframe for delivering their services. You also need to decide whether you prefer an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Also, whether you will prefer standard delivery or expedited delivery.

For both open or enclosed trailers, you may ask for your vehicle a top load. By paying an additional fee, you can carry your car on any high deck, which can ensure against any possible leak from any other car.

Also, you can choose from a standard delivery service or an expedited delivery. You can get your car transported quickly and save your time for the wait. Typically, any car shipping service will try to ship your vehicle within 5 business days and try to deliver it within a certain agreed timeframe, depending on the distance.

Delays can often be due to traffic, weather, or postponements of other customers. Expedited shipping may offer a guarantee that your car will be delivered on a certain date.

Usually, such expedited delivery of your auto transport service will be a bit costlier. Most of the pickup and deliveries can be done on door-to-door basis. In very few cases, vehicles are picked up or delivered both from and to a terminal. Usually, most customers prefer door-to-door service.

What kind of documents you will need to move your car?

Most carriers will not ask for any kind of document if you are moving within the country. Documents will only be needed for shipping to any foreign country. However, the person has to sign on the bill of landing.

So, you need to preserve this bill of landing very carefully as that will be needed when you will receive your car back.

This bill of landing is not only a receipt of your car and also contains the inspection report before you hand over the car. You must check for any damage before you sign on this document.

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