5 Key questions to ask an architect before hiring them

Building a house is dream come true! Having the right team makes you complete the architecture with each and peace of mind. An architect can help you get the best house design and see if it matches your dream vision of the property. They come from an experienced background and have handled many clients with similar projects.

Before you appoint an architect, it would be wise to get a few facts checked and some essential queries resolved. You may also have to interview a few selected architects from licensed companies like Stendel + Reich architects to ensure if they can handle your project confidently. Asking questions beforehand also saves you and the architect of any misunderstandings that may arise due to delays or changes in the project.

Ask these 5 key questions to an architect before you hire them:

  1. Has the architect handled similar projects for other clients too?

Check with the architect if they have handled similar projects for other clients as well. Asking for experience gives you a fair idea on their work style, experience, and confidence of handling major work like remodeling, renovation, or a new construction.

  1. Can they offer some references of their previous work?

Are they open to share references of other clients whom they have worked for? You may check with other property owners to understand their work and client relation. Also, ask the architect to share a few sample designs that they may have offered to other clients too. Perhaps, it may save your time and cost by selecting an already prepared design.

  1. Do they have any timeline to complete the project?

Is there are timeline for the project completion? It is highly essential that you seek the deadline from them. A timeline helps the owner to understand the total budget involved in completing the project.

  1. What are their expectations of payment?

Ask the architect if they have a quote in mind and how would they want the payment to be made. Discussing the fee prior helps you to plan a budget in accordance. Some architects charge on hourly or daily basis whereas some charge a fixed fee.

  1. Are they open to make changes in the plan?

As per the situation, there may be some changes in the property. For instance, the client may want to switch to modifying some part of the design considering the cost and budget. Clarify with the architect if they are open to changes. Stendel + Reich architects are flexible and patient with different clients.

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Jonathon Hoppe