Why Should Women Check Out Sneakers Like The Purple Pulse Nike Dunk?

Do you think that wearing sneakers is a prerogative of only boys? Why should boys have all the fun when girls too can wear sneakers and have a gala time attracting the attention of onlookers and friends alike. This has led to the popularity of women-centric sneakers like the Purple Pulse Nike Dunk.

Women get many perks for wearing sneakers. For one, they are the uniform of the uber-feminine girl-boss, living her best life. Sneakers are comfortable and often super chic with a suit or jeans.

Sneakers for women have gone mainstream

It is true that sneakers are not actually women’s shoes. They are men’s shoes. The fact that they are made for men makes them manlier; it elevates their status within society. Yes, sneakers can be manly. But even brands have come out with women’s sneakers in order to attract the attention of the ladies.

Take the case of the Purple Pulse Nike Dunk. Nike has released this sneaker keeping the modern-day women of today’s times. The graceful Nike swoosh logo in elegant purple perfectly complements the white shade of the shoe. This sneaker is made for women who are on the go.

Why do sneakers make perfect sense for the contemporary woman?

[1] Total versatility 

They are the perfect match for the urban outfit yet are still casual enough for a drink after work, brunch, or shopping. They can be worn with dresses and pants while adding heels to your arsenal of footwear while you hit up the nightlife. Your outfit is never complete without a pair of sneakers.

[2] Phenomenal comfort  

Secondly, as sneakers go, they are often the most comfortable shoes that a woman can wear. They are easy to slip on and off and can be worn with any outfit. If you want to have a comfortable time in the office, then these sneakers will serve you well with your denim and t-shirts or tops. Also, when you set out for a stroll in the evening, you will appreciate the all-round comfort offered by the sneakers.

[3] A stylish addition to your wardrobe

Thirdly, sneakers come in tons of different colors and designs, adding a pop to any ensemble. They break the monotony and match anything, and they always look stylish and trendy without being too much.

[4] They blend well in a corporate environment 

Additionally, sneakers are not only the perfect match for the urban environment but also office interiors as well as corporate events. This USP is especially true for those women who work in corporate environments where business attire is mandatory. They will enhance your professionalism by elevating your sartorial style quotient (SQ).

To sign off

These were a few reasons that make a compelling case for getting women’s sneakers.

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Todd Oneil