The beauty of the lily flower has been famous for a long time. Lily is a summer flower with the clan’s Latin name (genus) is Lilium. The flowers that grow from tuber have characteristics of broad petals like trumpets, have pistil that grows like a match, leaves are bright green. They are supported by an elongated slender stalk.

This flower originates from West Asia and The Mediterranean. It grows beautifully and has various attractive colors. Apart from its beautiful shape, the average lilly also gives off a fragrant aroma. Therefore, the lily flower is nicknamed the queen of the garden by flower lovers.

History of the Lily

According to ancient Greek myth, the lily flower was created when the god Zeus fell in love with an Earth woman named Alceme and gave birth to a son who was named Hercules. Zeus wanted Hercules to become a God, so he was taken to heaven to be breastfed by Hera, Zeus’s wife. When Hera fell asleep, Hercules was placed under Hera’s breast, without realizing that Hera was breastfeeding Hercules. Due to the effects of the drug that wears off, Hera woke up from her sleep and accidentally threw Hercules away. Then, milk gushed up to sky & to the earth. The milk that gushed into the sky turned into a star, called the Milky Way Galaxy, while that poured at ground turned into the first lily that grew on earth.

What is Lily Flower Good for?

A. Proposal or Marriage Flower

The ancient Egyptians used the lily flower as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. When they want to propose to their lover, usually men will use a bouquet of white lilies as properties. Apart from giving a romantic impression, this symbolizes sincere feelings and sacred love that cannot be expressed in words and prayers for your new life and your partner.

B. Lucky Flower

In Chinese culture, lilies are a lucky charm. The white lily flower symbolizes purity and virtue. Because the flower’s varieties became popular, they brought with them additional meaning and symbolism.

C. Flowers of Friendship

White symbolizes sympathy, pink represents wealth and prosperity, and Valley Lily symbolizes humility.

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D. Funeral Flower

The lily flower is believed to restore holiness after death to people who have passed away.

Lily’s Color Meaning

Today, lilies remain a favorite choice for brides who love soft white, which can mean a new life in chastity.

As we know, every color has various meanings, and it applies to lily too. Here is the explanation:

  1. White

White color is always represented by everything pure and clean, just like the white lily’s meaning. This flower symbolizes purity, purity, sincerity, glory, devotion, and friendship. The flowers genuinely tell something sacred, clean, and charming.

  1. Yellow

However, if it is excessive, it can also give you feelings of depression or depression. One type of yellow lily is yellow daylily.

Yellow lily is often connoted as a symbol of happy feeling because its bright color symbolizes happiness.

However, too many yellow lilies can be interpreted as falsehood and lies.

  1. Red

The red lily is known as a symbol of abundant prosperity & wealth. As said in psychology, red is always symbolized as a source of strength, passion, and great energy.

  1. Orange

The orange lily is known as a symbol of hatred, arrogance, and humiliation. As the philosophy, orange is a color that can give you enthusiasm, optimism, and high self-confidence. However, if the orange color is too dominant or too much, it is interpreted negatively. One type of orange lily is the Tawny Daylily or orange daylily.

From the implied meaning of the lily based on its color above, the flower that is most hunted is the white lily. White lilies are very popular among young people who are in love. Hence, this white lily is very salable in the market on Valentine’s Day, like Valentine’s Day.

Nowadays, lily bouquets are also popular to give as gifts. There are many lilies types, and all of them have different colors and shapes. Here are five types of lilies that can be a choice of flower arrangements.

A. Trumpet Lily

Aurelian lily or better known as Trumpet lily, is one of the most popular lilies because of its trumpet-like flower shape. The distinctive feature of this type of lily is that it has a nice fragrant.

Therefore, besides beautifying your home and yard, this lily will give a fresh fragrance to the area where the flower is. The white lily bouquet is one of the most popular gift choices. So, for those who want to give a flower bouquet to the loved ones, you can choose the type of trumpet lily.

B. Easter Lily

Another popular lily is the Easter lily. This flower, which has the scientific name Lilium longiflorum, is a lily synonymous with the Easter celebration, a celebration for Christians.

The Easter lily is native to the Ryukyu Islands in Japan, and the stems can grow up to one meter tall. This flower has a shape similar to a trumpet lily.

C. Asiatic Lily

Although the Easter lily can grow as long as one meter, the Asiatic lily is the largest type of any other kind of lily. This type is also included in the flower category with a hybrid pattern.

Asiatic lilies come in various colors, from soft pastels to bright reds, pink, and oranges. These flowers tend to bloom every fall.

Besides having a variety of colors, this lily is also included in the category of easy to grow flowers and easy to care for because of this flower’s high hybridity.

D. Oriental Lily

Oriental lily or better known as Star Gazer lily, is also a popular type of lily. This type of lily blooms in soft colors accented with mottled and striped patterns on the petals.

Unlike the Asiatic lily, this type of flower is a type that is difficult to grow. Oriental lily has beautifully curved petals and generally facing upwards as if looking at a star, therefore it is also called a Star Gazer.

Due to the large, bright, and unique color choices, this flower is one of the recommended flowers to be made as a lily bouquet.

E. Martagon Hybrid Lily

If the other four lily types have a similar shape and size, the Martagon Hybrid Lily is different. Martagon lilies have tall stems and blooming petals with more curvature than oriental lilies, facing downwards.

The lily flower, also known as the Turkish lily, also has its usual petals. This flower is no less beautiful to be used as a lily bouquet.

 There are several specific meanings that you must know about lily, namely:

  1. Purity

White lilies and their fragrance are interpreted as purity. Chastity itself can be defined as the purity of your love and affection for the person you care about.

You can give a loved one a lily bouquet gift if you want to express your feelings of love. This flower is also very suitable to show the purity of your love when proposing to a lover.

  1. Goodness

Another meaning of the lily flower is to symbolize goodness. The white lily is synonymous with kindness. You can give a gift of lilies to someone who is considered good in terms of morality.

It should also be remembered that goodness itself is seen from nature and manners and can also be used to express appreciation for one’s physical integrity.

  1. Happiness

Yellow lilies are often used as a symbol of happy feelings. You can give yellow lilies to loved ones to share happiness and positive energy.

But, keep in mind that bright yellow can also give you feelings of depression or depression if you give lilies in large quantities. Also, several beliefs say that yellow lilies can also be interpreted as a lie.

So, you must first know the beliefs held by society before giving a yellow lily bouquet gift.

  1. Welfare

Red lily is often symbolized as a form of prosperity, wealth, and prosperity. In psychology, the color red is identical to the source of a human’s strength and a burning passion for achieving success.

You can give a gift of red lily flowers to a loved one to encourage that person to continue to strive for success.

  1. Arrogance

The queen of flowers, lily, also has a negative meaning. This negative meaning is often associated with orange lilies. Orange lilies are often symbolized as an expression of hatred, pride, and condescension to others. This may be related to the color orange is often interpreted as too high self-confidence.

Besides an ornamental plant, lily also has various health benefits, especially its leaves.

What are the benefits of lily leaves?

– Helps relieve sore throat and heartburn

– Increase stamina and muscle strength

– Overcoming sleep disorders, both insomnia or easily falling asleep

– Helps stop bleeding and treat wounds

– Treating eye disorders

After knowing the type and meaning of the lily flower color, now you can confidently give gifts according to the message you want to convey. Gift delivery Singapore provides a large selection of lily bouquets at varying prices, so you don’t have to go out to buy them.

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