Various Travel Routes for Having Vacation to Bunaken

Feeling tired and bored from daily activities is sometimes unavoidable. One of the drugs to overcome this is traveling. Seeing green or blue scenery can be a panacea to overcome fatigue. What are you waiting for? Immediately pack your belongings and fly to North Sulawesi, to be precise, to the city of Manado to enjoy the view of the Bunaken sea.

The beauty of the underwater scenery of Bunaken is indeed able to attract local and foreign tourists to come to this place, especially for diving. Various kinds of coral reefs and marine life under the vast Bunaken Sea. This Marine Park is 7 miles from Manado Harbor. There are five islands in the Bunaken area, namely Nain Island, Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, and Mantehage. Before enjoying the underwater charm of Bunaken, it’s a good idea to know the route taken to reach Bunaken easily.

Note: Prices are unstable and can change at any time

The First Alternative, from Jakarta to Manado

To go to Manado, you can start from Jakarta. Departure from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Sam Ratulangi Airport by Lion Air. There is no need to spend too much because the trip from Jakarta to Manado and Manado to Jakarta only costs Rp. 2,101,000.

This price is different if the ticket is ordered through the official website of Lion Air, the promo price reaches Rp. 1,530,000 for the Jakarta-Manado route and Rp. 1,067,000 for Manado-Jakarta. With this price list, you can start considering and determine which one is easier and more affordable.

The Second Alternative, from the City of ‘Heroes’ Surabaya to Manado

Besides Jakarta, flights to Manado can also be from Surabaya, Juanda Airport, to be exact. Citilink airline ticket price is IDR 1,475,000. Even more fun, the price includes the cost of returning from Manado to Surabaya. Cheap, right?

However, if you order through the official Citilink website, the ticket price is around IDR 620,000. Manado-Surabaya tickets are set at a similar price. For those who live in East Java, a more affordable ticket price is certainly a distinct advantage to Bunaken.

The Third Alternative, from Bali’s ‘Gods’ Island to Manado

If before enjoying the nature of Bunaken, tourists stop by for a while to Bali, they can immediately start the journey from Ngurah Rai Airport. Cheap ticket prices from Denpasar-Manado with Lion Air airlines and Manado-Denpasar with Citilink airlines are only set at Rp. 1,937,000.

The prices for each travel agent are different, even other travel agents offer a price of Rp. 971,000 for the Denpasar-Manado route with Lion Air, and Rp. 980,500 for the Manado-Denpasar route with Citilink. The 5 hour trip from Denpasar-Manado can be enjoyed while seeing the beauty of the vast Indonesian sea.

The fourth alternative, start the journey from Balikpapan to Manado

Then, what about those who start the journey from Balikpapan? It’s easy, starting from Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport Balikpapan to Manado. It is enough to pay IDR 1,250,000 with Lion Air Airlines. This price includes the cost of returning from Manado-Balikpapan. It is different from the price offered by the official Lion Air website. Prospective passengers will be charged Rp 740,000 for the Balikpapan-Manado trip and Rp 573,000 for Manado-Balikpapan.

The Fifth Alternative, Fly from Makassar to Manado

Different starting trips, different prices offered by airlines. If the trip starts from Makassar Sultan Hasanudin Airport, the travel time is only short, which is 1 hour 40 minutes. In addition, the ticket price offered is also relatively cheap, only IDR 1,250,900 with Lion Air and Citilink Airlines. This price includes the cost of returning from Manado to Makassar. Meanwhile, if the ticket is ordered separately through another travel agent, then the price from Makassar-Manado with Lion Air is Rp. 530,000, and Manado-Makassar with Citilink is Rp. 523,000.

Continue the Trip To Bunaken Marine Park

Welcome to Sam Ratulangi Airport! That means the distance to Bunaken Marine Park is getting closer. Once there, continue the journey by taxi to the Bunaken area. The price for renting a taxi to get to tourist attractions is IDR 100,000. Of course, it will be more practical if you take a tour package from a local travel agent. The travel agent will offer pick-up services to the airport, tours around Bunaken, hotels, and restaurants.

It’s nice to be able to arrive at Bunaken Marine Park and unwind for a while. Staying at Bunaken Island Resort will pamper guests with the concept of a back-to-nature room, hot water, air conditioning, and WiFi. Various packages can be selected to be ordered in advance. They are starting from High Season from July 1 to August 31 and December 22 to January 5. Middle Season starts from April 1 to June 30 and September 1 to October 31. Low Season starts from January 5 to March 31 and November 1 to December 22.

The charming charm of Bunaken Marine Park is indeed a pity to miss. Especially for those who have a hobby of diving, diving in Bunaken Marine Park will add to the collection of spectacular dive spots that have been visited.

Ready to start your getaway to Bunaken? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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