We have to remain optimistic about reaching the goal; everyone has a role to play in this fight I don’t need to stress the consequences if we, in any form of imagination, miss the goal. The world will pay for it; our children yet to be burned will suffer a lot due to the high temperature that will be prevalent. There would be lots of migration to stay in a more conducive environment, and the current natural disaster occurring more frequently these days would become a more stable phenomenon. This whole thing means one major thing, more avoidable deaths due to their disasters. There would be lots of people dying in many such disasters like covid-19 that are yet to go away. We will have many more such pandemics that would threaten the whole world; we do not have all the time in the world, let’s act now. The Paris accord is one benchmark still available and a good start, but we need to do more and fast. We can’t continue to be slow; that is why at Hc we have found our way of helping the environment by recycling. To produce fiber for the protection of lots of products, including flower pots.

We have lots of plants and production centres but the one in Canada is the dream we made into reality as that is where we recycle paper to make fibre. We make fibre to be useful to lots of products we equally make it available according to customers specification by so doing we are making it as described and specifically for a particular customer. By having a recycling plant we have achieved one major goal no matter how small we reduce landfill wastes. That’s what we recycled could have been then adding to the already many such landfills that are a threat to our climate so we have done our part and will continue to do our part to aid our environment and make even more climate-friendly flower pots.

Apart from the use of recycled paper that produces flower pots, we help in fighting climate change by educating the populace on what they can do to add to defending the climate. Such as the kind of products to buy and what to consume all this is our little way of paying back to the planet.

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Jarvis Abbott