Know More About Alexander Sparks Jewelry Beautiful Color Diamonds

Very rare than the colorless diamonds (one in 10,000), the brightly colored diamonds come in all colors of the spectrum, yellow diamonds being the most common and red among them are rare ones and you will find this uniqueness in Alexander sparks jewelry.

Color is the most important

Color is the most important element in all 4 Cs when it comes to beautiful color diamonds. Color is followed by carat weight and cut, and clarity is not very important. In general, the heavier the carat and the more intense the color, the brighter and more important the color diamond will be. The cut is like magnifying the color, as it is an outstanding feature.

The color of luxury diamonds is not measured on the DZ scale as colorless diamonds, but rather in color, tone and fullness.

Hue refers to the main and most prominent diamond color. GIA uses 27 different colors for coloring diamonds. In addition to the main color, diamonds can have one or more second color or transitions. The last major color mentioned in the grading report.

Tone determines how light or dark the color of a diamond is, and fullness means the strength and durability of a diamond color.

Beautiful colored diamonds are arranged as follows

Alexander sparks jewelry are arranged with exhaustion, excessive light, brightness of light, desire, sweet depth, clear light, dark darkness, and deep depth. In addition to the bright yellow diamonds, there are also pink, green, blue, orange, black, gray, brown, white and red diamonds.

Beautiful Yellow Diamond

It contains 60% of all beautiful color diamonds and owe their color the presence of nitrogen it is known as Fancy Yellow diamonds (also known as canary diamonds). Although yellow diamonds are found in many different types, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds are rare. The second most common colors are yellow, brown, greenish-yellow and orangish yellow. Beautiful yellow diamonds are mined especially in South Africa. In addition to the well-known yellow Tiffany diamond worn by Audrey Hepburn, there is also the famous Cushion which is made up of 101.29-carat (20.258 g) Allnatt diamonds rated as Fancy Vivid Yellow. It is named after Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt who was one of the diamond holders.

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Fancy Blue Diamonds

Fancy Blue diamonds are very rare and come in all colors from light blue to dark blue. These diamonds give off their blue color in the presence of boron. Hydrogen traces turn diamonds to blue; nitrogen turns them gray or sometimes violet. The color greenish blue and grayish blue are the second most common colors. Like pink, blue diamonds are often sold for millions of dollars because of their availability. Green diamonds were mined in Australia, South Africa, and India. The most famous diamond and famous for its blue is the 45.52-carat Hope Diamond set as a dark blue color.

The pink diamond

Fancy Pink diamonds are extremely rare and therefore very valuable and compelling. Eighty percent of all pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, although that number is very small compared to the total amount of yellow and brown diamonds. Although the origin of the color pink in pink diamonds is still confusing and unknown, many scientific studies have shown that the color pink most likely originates from faulty carbon atoms that are not in the lattice of diamonds, leading to selective light. Pink Diamonds can come in all ranges from Fax Pink to Fancy Deep Pink. The largest pink diamond in the world is 186-carat diamond called Daria e Noor (also known as the Sea of ​​Light or River of Light)

Beautiful green diamond

Fancy Green diamonds are the second most unusual, just after the luxurious red diamonds. Pure blue diamond’s without second colors are very rare and precious. Green diamonds can range from green to yellow-green, although gray and brown tones are rare since green is a combination of yellow and blue. The color blue is due to radiation, beta and gamma rays found inside the diamond during construction. In Australia, Russia, India, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and Congo Green diamonds are mined. The most popular blue diamond is the 41-carat Dresden Green.

Fancy Brown’s Diamond

Fancy Brown diamonds are the most available and affordable. They come in a variety of colors, often described as cognac, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, champagne, walnut, honey, copper, hazel, gold etc. Most of the brown diamonds are also found in Russia, South Africa and Brazil mined at the Argyle mine in Western Australia. Their distinctive brown color stems from nickel-like impurities combined with the internal grinding caused by molecular defects in the diamond tin. The 545.67-carat (109.13 g) Diamond Jubilee Diamond is currently the world’s smallest and most famous diamond.

Benefits of Astrology to Wear Diamonds

  • If you believe in astrology, there are a few rules when it comes to wearing diamonds. Astrologers follow these laws, and you should do the same if you have faith in astrology.
  • According to astrology, the wearing of diamonds can help overcome feelings of inadequacy and can increase one’s self-esteem.
  • It is said and believed, that people born under the signs of the Virgo and libra stars will benefit greatly from the positive effects of wearing a diamond ring. Doing so will bring them happiness, happiness, prosperity, and peace in the long run.
  • It’s best worn by people who suffer from creative blocks and who can’t express their ideas through art and craftsmanship as a writer, artist.
  • Wearing a diamond ring or pendant can also help bring good health to the natives and can prevent all the negligence and evil that exists in life.

Beautiful Orange Diamond from Alexander sparks jewelry

Pure Fancy Orange diamonds are extremely rare; Yellow, brown and pink spots are common. Since orange is a combination of red and yellow, the second most common colors are orange, yellow, pink, and brown. The orange diamond is most abundant in the Argyle mine in Western Australia, but can also be found in South Africa. Although there is still the subject of debate, their orange color may have arisen from nitrogen-like impurities in relation to cellular defects. The most popular diamond is the 5.54-carat Pumpkin diamond worn by Halle Berry at the 2002 Academy Awards.

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