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This is a Kannada film with the genre of romantic action drama thriller made for entertaining the audience till the end. The movie was initially created in the Kannada language and dubbed in Telugu with the same title name. The film postponed its initial launch and was released on 14 December 2018 with a running time of 129 minutes on screen. The movie received an ‘A’ certificate from the censor board. The film is jointly written by the well-known celebrities of the industry Ram Gopal Verma and Ram Vamsi Krishna. The exceptional talents of the director SiddharthThatholu shaped the performance of every actor. The movie is produced by Ram Gopal Verma and BhaskarRashi under their production house banner Rashi Combines. The film starred some of the talented actors for their lead roles. The movie casts Dhananjay as Bhairava, IrraMor as Geetha, BalaRajwadi as Geetha’s father, and village chieftain.

JagadeeshCheekati performs the movie’s cinematography to engage the audience with the aesthetics and video aspects of the movie. Ravi Shankar composed the music of this movie, and Ali Anwar handled the editing of this movie.

The plot depicts the love story of a couple who elopes the terror of the girl’s father and encounters many challenges in their way. Geetha, the daughter of the village chieftain, returns to her village after completing her studies. She falls in love with a handsome man named Bhairava, who worked as a henchman for her father in the village. When Geetha’s father discovers that her daughter loves a man not equal to their standards, he orders goons to kill Bhairava. After realizing the upcoming life threat, Bhairava and Geetha had no other choice than to elope away from the village. This escape takes a significant turn in the movie, with a lot of trouble and drama on their way. The other half of the film is full of action, violence, and forced climax.

With an old-fashioned story, the movie depicts the oppression suffered by low caste people in our country. It shows how people discriminate in terms of caste, status and offer little value to someone’s love. In the end, the couple fights off the evils and goons to live a happy life together. Will they manage to escape the terror of Geetha’s father? Watch the movie to know more.

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