5 Tops For Women Every Fashion-Lover Must Own

The dress a woman wears does not only enhance her beauty. It also adds to her personality. No matter if you are heading to an office, a party, a movie, or a date, the clothes you wear speak for your fashion sense. 

If you are a trend follower and wish to belong to the group of fashion-forward women, here are a few tops you must own. 

Tank Tops

Much like crop tops, tank tops are also best defined as summer fashion staples. But these tops could be equally useful in winter as well. 

You can wear these T-shirts for women or tank tops with skin-fit jeans to look smart in summer. Alternatively, you can team these tops with a fancy cardigan or jacket in winter to look hot.  

For fashionable tank tops featuring attractive designs, scour through the gamut of ONLY.  

Cinched Waist Top

When it comes to the most essential tops for women, cinched waist tops remain the perfect blend of style and utility. 

If you have a perfectly shaped waist, flaunt it by wearing a cinched waist top. Pair it with bootcut jeans and trendy, light jewellery to look like a diva. 

These tops are also perfect for summer. Choose cotton or linen cinched waist tops to feel comfortable regardless of the atmospheric temperature. 

Floral Print Top

Floral prints always stay in fashion. If you are revamping your fashion wardrobe for the upcoming summer, make sure to buy a few floral tops for women. Choose bright colours like yellow, pink, sky blue, light green, etc., to look vibrant. Floral prints on a dark-hued background also look extremely stunning. 

For example, white and soft pink floral prints on a dark blue background look magnetic at any time. Floral-printed crop tops feature multiple colours. 

Therefore, be careful about picking the right combinations to look splendid as a summer bloom.  Choose from ONLY’s exhaustive collection of trendy, stylish tops and t-shirts for women to flaunt vogue. 

Cami Top

Are you ready for a little skin show? Just like crop tops, even cami tops are perfect for summer and can be used as the bottom layer when you dress for winter. These tops typically look like camisoles, from which this piece borrows its name. You can buy monochromatic cami tops. 

Pastel shades like yellow, red, blue, green, grey, etc., look perfect on cami tops. You will also find printed cami tops online. Pair it with denim shorts or long skirts to look like a trendsetter. 

Cape Top

If you are looking for a less revealing but fashionable upper body wear other than a crop top, cape tops are perfect for you. As the name suggests, these tops look just like capes. 

The only difference is that these have a tailored neckline and sleeves underneath the flare that wraps you around. Cape tops look beautiful and smart. To go to a party, wear one with skin-fit jeans and high-heel shoes. 

Fashion is all about choosing the best quality dresses and accessories and wearing them with confidence. To buy the most fashionable tops or t-shirts for women, check out the diverse collection of ONLY

ONLY has an astonishingly varied assortment of tops for women for all seasons. From colours to designs, from cuts to size options, you will find the ONLY website irresistible. 

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Jarvis Abbott