What Do You Need to Know About Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore?

Getting critical illness insurance at the right time is the best step that you should take. There are many other health insurance plans available in the market, but when you look for the best plan, then the critical illness plan is the best choice.  If you want to protect your life, then this one will be the best option for you. But before buying this plan, you should know about the basic ideas on it so that you can confidently buy this plan from any insurance company. In this article, we will discuss the things you should know about critical illness insurance.

Critical illness insurance plan 

The critical illness insurance plan is much different than other health insurance plans. In other insurance plans, you will not benefit from a lump sum amount, which you can use in your non-medical expenses. But when you have a critical illness insurance plan, then you can do this. There are different types of critical illness insurance plan, but to get the right plan first, you should measure yourself, and then you should go out to buy a plan. 

Buying a critical illness insurance plan, you can improve your lifestyle and can extend your life. You can buy a basic critical illness insurance plan for a newborn baby to 65 years old man. So, if you don’t buy this plan still now, then this will be the best time to buy this plan from HL Assurance SG.

Things which you should know about the critical illness insurance

  • Things that are covered under the critical illness insurance: 

Before going to buy any critical illness insurance, you should first notice the things included in your policy. You should check the coverage levels, the number of critical illnesses, the illness stages, and the types of illness. You should also notice the medical jargon, which is included in your policy. Before buying a policy, you should also check whether it provides you with a power reset benefit.

  • The period in which you will get coverage from critical illness insurance: 

This is another important thing which you should know about a critical illness insurance policy. Yes, before securing any policy, check the period in which you will get the coverage. There are some plans which provide coverage of up to 100 years, and there is also some coverage that provides you coverage in a shorter period. When we compare both coverages, the long-term coverage will be more beneficial and valuable for you. Mostly there are two types of coverage you will get one is up to 100 years, and second is up to 75 years. You can choose one as per your need and budget.

  • How much coverage should pay you?

While buying a policy, you should also look for the company’s amount of coverage. When you can’t work because of your illness, you are in deep stress about how you can afford your lifestyle and how you can take the responsibility of your family. At this time, a critical illness payout will help you to get out of this situation. You can use this amount on your treatment and as well as in your daily expenses. 

  • How many illnesses should you cover?

While buying a critical illness insurance plan, you have to read the number of illnesses it includes. Different plans include different numbers of critical illness. Most of the plan includes 37 types of common diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, kidney failure, and heart problems.

  • Types of coverage: 

There are different types of coverage. One is single-stage coverage, and another is multi-stage coverage. Nowadays, people always plan to buy the intermediate stage of critical illness. There are also some plans such as single payout and multi payout. You can buy anyone you want to buy.

  • How much it costs you?

You should also look at your budget. You should choose a plan which is affordable to you. We spent so much money on our daily expenses, but if we spend money on this, we can save our future. It provides great value to improve our health. Every plan has a different price so you can buy a plan which is based on your preference.

  • How it differs from any other health insurance plan?

Other health insurance plans cover your hospital bills, but a critical illness insurance plan provides a lot from this. In a critical insurance plan, you will get a lump sum amount that you can spend on your daily expenses and as well as in your hospital expenses.

  • Other benefits which you should look out: 

There are many benefits that you can get after buying a critical illness insurance plan. There is some insurance company that provides value-added service. These companies always try to keep their clients healthy and wealthy. They will also look out to provide you the tools and support. 

Some companies provide personalized medical support also. You can also get benefitted from the online medical consultation service through this policy. You can directly be connected to Singapore’s best doctors and take suggestions from them. There is a chance to get some extra benefits if you are a senior citizen or a woman.  

If you want to know more about this, you can consult with any insurance company that provides this plan to their customer. 


After reading the above things about critical illness insurance plan, you clearly understood about it. Now you can visit any insurance company to buy this plan for your family and friends. This plan is not so expensive, and that’s why every people from Singapore can buy this plan. It is affordable for every group of people. With this plan, you will get some premium benefits with maximum payout. It must buy a plan that has become popular day by day because of its features and benefits. If you also want to get some benefits from this plan, then buy this as soon as possible.

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