Buying followers from bots vs. real people – What’s better?

When it comes to purchasing Instagram followers, one of the biggest decisions is whether to buy followers run by bots or real human-managed accounts. Here is an in-depth comparison of results from bot-based versus real human followers. The biggest downside of bot-controlled followers is minimal authentic engagement. Though they may favorite or auto-comment at times, liking rates tend to be 5-10X lower than human accounts. And forget about meaningful comments or DMs. In contrast, followers tied to real human users deliver engagement more aligned with organic norms in your niche. Average photo-like rates are around 25-45% and some participation in Stories and comments can be expected.

Account longevity

Being bots designed to operate at high volumes, individual bot-run accounts are disposable. The moment one gets banned by Instagram, another spring up. It leads to high  Famoid Followers drop-off rates as disabled accounts vanish. Alternatively, real human accounts have staying power. Because they benefit the user behind them, these profiles remain active over months and years with a minimal churn rate. Much higher longevity retains your purchased followers.

Bot-powered followers lack any ability to discern or interact with the actual content you post. Their automated liking and commenting are random, sporadic, and unrelated to your niche or brand. Human account holders demonstrate far more relevant interactions based on your content type, style, and captions. Their likes, comments, story reactions, and saves align with the topics and aesthetics that organically resonate in your niche.

The automation and inauthentic behavior of bot followers frequently triggers Instagram spam filters. It causes bought bot followers to be removed immediately or your entire account to be banned. Purchasing followers tied to real human accounts minimizes security risks. Because their profiles and interactions are organic, your account faces no penalties.  The temptation of bot followers lies in their ultra-low pricing, often 1,000 followers or more for just a few dollars. But this carries little long-term value. Human account followers cost more upfront, but their ongoing authentic activities repay your investment exponentially through conversions and organic growth.

Bot-powered accounts feature default profile images, minimal posts, and generic bios. Real human accounts boast complete, authentic profiles reflecting genuine interests and personalities. Their content histories, bios, and public personal details reinforce that these are credible users worth following. Due to their automated functioning, bot followers arrive in suspicious bursts, spikes, or overly-consistent linear patterns no organic account exhibits.

Human follower delivery aligns with natural growth variability – periodic surges, plateaus, and stalls. This helps growth from purchased followers mirror organic patterns that avoid red flags. So which option is better? For instant yet fleeting vanity metrics boosting, bot followers suffice. But for long-term, ROI-driving results, real human followers prove vastly superior. The dynamics and impact only authentic human engagement provides are well worth the higher initial investment. When leveraged strategically, real human followers turn your purchased foundation into organic momentum. There are ongoing interactions compound, spearheading sustainable growth that bots simply spark.

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Gonzalo Bayer