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Independence Day with Jerrod Niemann – A Concert Review From The Red Cup Diaries

Jerrod Niemann at Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun

In a last minute decision, a friend and I drove ~2 hours down to Wolf Den (Mohegan Sun – CT) to see Jerrod Niemann performing a free show. The Wolf Den is an interesting venue; it’s free, so you have to go super early to be guaranteed a seat. If you get a seat, you will most likely stay seated through the entire performance. There are a lot of people that attend these shows that are merely there for the free show and completely unaware of what the performer sings. These people also remain seated, making it less comfortable for the actual fans to get into the show.

Why? The artists usually perform based on their response from the crowd… fortunately, Jerrod Niemann was there to put on a show and nothing phased him. His on-stage charisma and passion for performing won over the crowd and made some new fans. One big plus about the Wolf Den, there really are no bad seats and there is a bar you can watch the show from in the back of the venue. We were seated with a table of people unaware of Jerrod’s existence…but they bought a CD based on our saying he was pretty good. We moved to the bar in the back, so we could stand… I looked over at the couple we had originally been seated with – they were clapping along and smiling.

Jerrod Niemann performing at Wolf Den

He put on a fun show and sang the songs he is known for (Lover, Lover, What Do You Want, One More Drinkin’ Song), his lesser known party songs (The Buckin’ Song, For Everclear) and does a number of covers (Santeria, Three Little Birds). Possibly my most favorite point of the evening, while he was singing Three Little Birds a woman standing next to me asked her friend “Does he realize that’s reggae?.” I asked her at the end of the show what she thought of his performance and she said she would be buying his cd and it was a great time! Nice job, Jerrod, can’t wait to see you again!

Jerrod breaking up with a water bottle

Here he is singing Lover, Lover.

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